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Scholarship Information

The aim of this site is to provide students with relevant information on career/education planning, post-secondary education - including entrance/admission requirements, application deadlines, and scholarships & grants. (See Links below.) 

TRY - The Responsibility is Yours. While Bakerview staff are here to support and assist students with their growth and development, the ultimate responsibility lies with the students. That said, students are strongly encouraged to verify information by going directly to websites of each post-secondary institution and other sites listed on the Bakerview website. Students who require additional support and/or assistance can see Aleece or Seet in Learning Support Services.

All you need to know about Scholarships:

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Bulletin Board

Welcome 2022 Bakerview Grads! The bulletin board is a means of distributing pertinent information to grade 12 students. Please check this page on a regular basis.

Note: Most universities and colleges have Entrance Scholarships and Bursaries. Students should access the web sites for further information or seek information in the Career Center.
Award and scholarship values, name of Award, and deadlines may change throughout the year and it is the student’s responsibility to fully research this information.


Abbotsford Community Foundation Awards

Grade 12 students planning on pursuing post-secondary education are encouraged to apply for ACF awards.  Students can apply for up to 10 awards.   Please review the ACF Application Package Instructions  Application opens and closes in February.  See Aleece in the counselling centre with questions.

Please click on the link below to access the checklist for Abbotsford Community Foundation Awards. 

Abbotsford Community Foundation Awards Checklist


District Scholarships (District Authority Awards - 100 hour projects)

Open October 4th 2021.  DEADLINE is October 29th 2021.  Complete a 100 hour project in a specialty area and you can qualify to win a $1250 award. Complete your online application and pay the $25 fee through school cash online by early November.  See Aleece or Seet in Learning Support if you have questions. 

Detailed information: DS student Info Package 2021-2022

The direct link:


AES Engineering

Website Link:
Award Amount: $500
Approximate Deadline: October
Criteria: Students must submit an essay of between 500-1000 words, essay topic changes every year.


Apprenticeship Incentive Grant for Women

Award: $3000 - $6000

  • If you progressed between January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2020, your deadline to submit an application is: 18 months following your date of progression.
  • If you progressed on or after January 1, 2021, your deadline to submit an application is: 12 months following your date of progression.


  1. Be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or protected person
  2. Not be a high school student
  3. Self-identify as a woman
  4. Have the required AIG-W supporting documents
  5. Register with your provincial/territorial apprenticeship authority as an apprentice in a designated Red Seal trade having low female representation
  6. Have progressed in your training in designated Red Seal trades on or after April 1, 2018, and
  7. Provide proof that you have successfully completed either the 1st and/or 2nd year/level (or equivalent) of apprenticeship


Apprenticeship Incentive Grant (AIG)

Award: The Apprenticeship Incentive Grant (AIG) is a taxable cash grant of $1,000 per year or level, for a lifetime maximum amount of $2,000 per person.
Deadline: If you progressed on or after January 1, 2021, your deadline to submit an application is: 12 months following your date of progression.

  1. Be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or protected person
  2. Not be a high school student
  3. Have the required AIG supporting documents;
  4. Register with your provincial/territorial apprenticeship authority as an apprentice in a designated Red Seal trade
  5. Provide proof that you have successfully completed either the 1st and/or 2nd year or level (or equivalent) in a designated Red Seal trade
  6. If you progressed between January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2020, your deadline to submit an application is: 18 months following your date of progression


Apprenticeship Completion Grant (ACG)

Award: The Apprenticeship Completion Grant (ACG) is a one-time taxable cash grant lifetime amount of $2,000 per person for registered apprentices who complete their apprenticeship training and obtain their journeyperson certification.

  • If you completed your program between January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2020, your deadline to submit an application is: 18 months following your date of progression.
  • If you completed your program on or after January 1, 2021, your deadline to submit an application is: 12 months following your date of progression.


  1. Be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or protected person
  2. Not be a high school student
  3. Have the required ACG supporting documents
  4. Show that you have completed an apprenticeship program as a registered apprentice in a designated Red Seal trade
  5. Provide proof of your journeyperson certification in a designated Red Seal trade


Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of BC (APEG) 



Awards for Canadians with Disabilities



BBPA National Scholarships



BCCPAC Educational Award



BC Achievement Scholarships



Bayer Fund Opportunity Scholarship 

Award: $1,500
Deadline: Late May

  1. Completed Application Form
  2. Two References (excluding family members)
  3. One Reference Letter
  4. One Completed Farmer Nomination Form or Food Professional Nomination Form
  5. University/College Acceptance Letter 
  6. Copy of High School Transcript
  7. 300-500 Word Application Essay


BC Arts Council Scholarship Program

Award:  up to $6,000
Deadline: Late April

  1. Outstanding arts students studying at the post-secondary level 
  2. B.C. residents attending full-time studies in a fine-arts diploma or degree program at a recognized college, university, institution or academy in any country
  3. Half-day high school dance programs may also be eligible


BC Dairy Association Scholarships

Award: Two $1000 scholarships
Deadline: Early May  

  1. Candidates for scholarships must complete a BC Dairy Association Scholarship Application Form online (see below). Print the completed form, sign the Candidate Declaration section and have an administrator (Principal or VicePrincipal) complete the Endorsement section.
  2. A 400 to 500 word essay (minimum of three paragraphs) relating your experience in school sports to the concept of school spirit, a healthy lifestyle, and community involvement.
  3. Letter from a school administrator (or his/her designate) certifying candidate’s school spirit, healthy lifestyle, and community involvement.
  4. Letter from the school coach/athletic director certifying candidate’s school spirit, healthy lifestyle, community involvement, and athletic ability; and
  5. Transcript of grades showing percentages for all grade ten, eleven and twelve courses completed, as well as interim percentages for all courses in progress


BC Excellence Scholarships

Award: $5000
Deadline: Early February

  1. "B" (73% or above) in their Language Arts 11 final mark 
  2. "B" average in final course marks that fulfill graduation requirements of Science 11 or 12, Math 11 and Social Studies 11 or 12, with no more than one "C+" (67% or above) final course mark, (marks lower than “C+” are not accepted
  3. Maintain a “B” average or better in Grades 11 and 12 final course marks required for graduation
  4. Write and pass a Language Arts 12 provincial examination
  5. Resume in the mandatory format
  6. Two reference letters, one from your community and one from your school
  7. A written statement, maximum 500 words (see the website for more details)

You must be nominated by your secondary school in order to apply for this scholarship. Only one student from each school may be nominated. To be nominated, students must submit their Resume, Two reference letters (one from your community and one from your school), A written statement, maximum 500 words (see the website for more details) to your counsellor.


BC Hockey Scholarship

Award: $500 to $2,000
Deadline: Late April
Criteria: An individual in his or her graduating year of high school,  must be a current registered member or a former BC Hockey member playing in the Western Hockey League. Applicants are evaluated on academic achievement, sportsmanship, hockey participation and / or quality of contribution, as well as school and community participation and service.


BC Hydro Power Pioneers

Awards: 20 awards of $500 each
Deadline: March 31

  1. Canadian citizens or permanent residents of BC
  2. Graduating from high school in June of this year
  3. Planning to attend an accredited Canadian university, college or technical school in the areas of science, technology, engineering, math or the trades for the fall                
  4. Completed application form (see website)
  5. 500 word essay of voluntary contributions you have made to your community 
  6. Reference letter(s) from the community organization(s) you have worked with
  7. Reference letter from a teacher, counselor or principal at your school 
  8. Confirmation of a passing grade
  9. Proof of age and citizenship or status
  10. Proof of post-secondary institution application


BC Principals' and Vice-Principals' Association

Awards: $1000

  1. A copy of the Ministry of Education’s official transcript of final grades (issued to you in August from the Ministry of Education) which has been stamped and signed by a school official. 
  2. Proof of paid registration at a post-secondary institution (a copy of tuition fee receipt or letter from the Office of the Registrar). Note: A letter of acceptance is not considered proof of registration.
  3. A short essay, up to 250 words, indicating leadership roles held in your school and community and your post-secondary aspirations. 
  4.  A letter of reference from your Principal or Vice-Principal who is a member of the BCPVPA (children of BCPVPA members must submit a letter from a Principal or Vice-Principal who is not a parent or guardian). 
  5. One additional letter of reference


BC School Sports Scholarship

Award: Two scholarships of $1,500 each
Deadline: May 3

  1. Applicants must have competed in at least one (1) BCSS approved sport during grade 12.
  2. A BC grade 12 student who is  entering the first year of full-time studies in a Canadian University or College.
  3. Applicants must have demonstrated exceptional athletic achievement in a BCSS approved sport,
  4. Minimum grade average of 75%
  5. Demonstrated outstanding service and leadership in school and/or community.


BC Soccer Scholarships



BCGEU Scholarships

​Deadline: Early May 

  1. A BCGEU member; or related to a current, retired or deceased BCGEU member or staff
  2. A current or prospective post-secondary or higher learning student enrolled, registered or planning to attend an eligible educational institution
  3. In addition to personal information and details of your education plan, applicants will be asked to submit a 450 to 500-word essay on a topic (see website)


BCRPVPA Student Bursaries/Scholarships

Awards: $1000
Criteria: Applicants who are pursuing education in trades, technical and career field, as well as those entering universities and colleges, are encouraged to apply. Applicants will be judged on their academic achievements and demonstrated leadership and service activities both within the school and the community. Financial need of applicants will also be taken into consideration. Students can apply for BCRPVPA Scholarships even if they also apply for a scholarship with the BCPVPA.   


Beedie Luminaries Scholarship Program

Award: Beedie Luminaries Foundation will support up to 105 scholarships for the following: 

  • $10,000 CAD per year for a bachelor degree program OR 
  • $7,500 CAD per year for a diploma or a trades program, tenable for up to two years of funding

Deadline:  Mid-January

  1. Canadian citizen or permanent resident for at least three years;
  2. Full-time resident of British Columbia;
  3. Be in their final year of high school, entering into full-time studies in a first bachelor degree, first diploma, or first trades program;
  4. Be ineligible for the BC Tuition Waiver Program (for former youth in care); 
  5. Have a minimum cumulative average of 75% (or equivalent) for grade 11 and available grade 12 marks based on Universities Canada’s Calculation of Average Policy**; 
  6. Have faced financial adversity


​Bert & Greta Quartermaine Badminton Scholarship

Award: Six $1000 scholarships
Deadline: May 3

  1. Badminton player for a BC School Sports member school 
  2. Demonstrate leadership and volunteerism within your school or community
  3. Plan to attend an accredited Canadian post-secondary school 
  4. A Canadian citizen or permanent resident


Black Business and Professional Association (BBPA)



The British Columbia School Superintendents Association

Award: $1000
Deadline: Early February

  1. Demonstrated exemplary service and leadership (two examples of each)
  2. A completed application form 
  3. A one page description of how your volunteer service has made a difference in the life or lives of others (450 word maximum)
  4. Two letters of reference affirming how you have improved the quality of life for others through volunteer work and/or other activities
  5.  A copy of the official school transcript of your grades to date.  Proof of application/entry to post-secondary institution


British Columbia Secondary School Music Program Award 

Award: Five $500.00
Deadline: Mid-May

  1. A personal letter in which the applicant self evaluates his/her personal musical and academic strengths as they apply to future studies and career plans (not necessarily in music). Include a list of all extra-curricular activities
  2. A good quality MP3 or CD recording containing two (2) contrasting selections, with or without live or recorded accompaniment (max: 10 minutes).
  3. Two (2) letters of recommendation with one written by the applicant’s current high school music teacher. The music teacher’s letter must include a statement that he/she has listened to the audition recording and is a current member of BCMEA. 


The Canadian Association of Principals: The Student Leadership Award

Award: $250

  1. Leadership in school activities 
  2. Leadership in the community
  3. Academic achievement ​
  4. Essay and Proof of recognition, awards, honours and scholarships


Canadian Engineering Memorial Foundaton



Canadian Women in Municipal Government Scholarship

Award: $1,000 
Application Deadline: Opens Late October

  1. Female Canadian citizens currently enrolled in any year of study at a Canadian secondary school 
  2. In a 3 min video, tell us how you contribute to school activities related to student council or leadership
  3. Provide a written document with answers to three questions. Each answer should be 300 words or less


Capilano Community Leadership Awards (CCLA)

Award: $2,500
Deadline: March 1

  1. High school students who are entering the university with a strong academic standing 
  2. Leadership and volunteerism in the community


Capilano Excellence Scholarships (CAPX)

Award: up to $40,000
Deadline: March 1
Criteria: Highschool graduates who demonstrate excellence in academics and show leadership in their school and community.
Supporting Documents:

  • CAPX Essay
  • CAPX Reference Letters
  • Leadership Skills and Community and Campus Engagement Worksheet


Car Career BC Education Grant

Award: From $500 to $2,500.
Deadline: Mid-April
Criteria: BC student wishing to pursue post-secondary education or training leading to a career in the automotive industry


Coast Capital Savings Standing Tall Award 

Award: Standing Tall Award - $3500
Deadline: Please bring your completed application to the counselling office in early April.
Criteria: Awarded to youth who have faced adversity and have not only risen up against the odds, but are demonstrating a commitment to continue their education. This award is open to students who have faced challenges like poverty, health, family issues, personal loss and lack of support.
In addition:

  1. You must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident; 
  2. You must have been a resident in BC for at least six months;
  3. You must be a grade 12 student from one of 23 school districts in: Metro Vancouver, Fraser Valley, mid-Vancouver Island, southern Vancouver Island and Central Okanagan;
  4. You must have plans to attend an accredited Canadian university, college or technical school in the upcoming school year; 
  5. You have not previously received a Youth Get It™ Education Award


Credit Union Foundation Scholarships


Deadline: October 15, 2021

  1. All applicants must have a demonstrated financial need.
  2. Proof of enrolment, tuition payment and transcripts are required.
  3. Applicants must be BC residents who are Canadian Citizens, a permanent resident of Canada or designated as a protected person.
  4. Applicants must be in attendance at a public Canadian post-secondary school when the application is submitted.
  5. Applicants attending accredited private schools will only be considered if the program is not offered at a public school. Applicants must provide a statement as to why they are not attending a public school and provide a receipt for tuition.
  6. Programs of study may be academic, vocational, technical, or technological.
  7. Graduate and post graduate students are not eligible.
  8. Credit Union members are eligible for up to 2 awards per year.

Only online applications will be accepted.


Dalton Camp Award

Award: up to $10,000
Deadline: December 1
Criteria: Creative Essay on the link between Democracy and the media in Canada.


Daneen Skilling Scholarship for Studies in Occupational Health and Safety

Award: $2500
Deadline: March 15

  1. Student enrolling in an accredited Occupational Health and Safety program at college or university in BC
  2. Essay of 750 to 1,200 words explaining why workplace health and safety is important to you, and why you are pursuing this course of study


David Lam/BC TEAL English Language Learner Scholarship

Award: up to $3,000
Deadline: January 31

  1. Must be a BC Grade 12 student who wishes to attend a BC post-secondary institution. 
  2. Documented English language coursework at the secondary level (Grades 9 to 12)
  3. Documented school or community service
  4. A short description of the applicant’s life before coming to Canada
  5. A personal essay (original copy signed by the applicant) Two pages in length, double-spaced, approximately 500 words. Topic: How a post-secondary education will enable the applicant to make a positive contribution to Canadian society
  6. Two letters of reference
  7. Documented proof of permanent residency or Canadian citizenship      


DB Perks & Lifesaving Society Scholarships

Award: $1000  (three awarded each year.)
Deadline:  January 31

  1. Must hold a current Lifesaving Society award and be actively employed by a BC & Yukon Branch Affiliate as a lifeguard or Lifesaving Society Instructor, part-time or full time
  2. Must plan to pursue a post-secondary education in fall following graduation
  3. Application form with resume
  4. Two reference letters


Save on Foods Diversity Scholarship

Award: Ten $1000 scholarships 
Deadline: May 1

  1. A grade 12 student pursuing post-secondary education at an accredited institution in BC in the fall
  2. Applicants who have promoted diversity awareness and acceptance in their in their community 


EFMABC Bursaries

Award: five $1,000.00 bursaries
Deadline: April 30
Criteria: Secondary students completing their grade 12 year who will enter a recognized post secondary educational institution. Bursaries will be awarded on the basis of academic achievement and/or special needs. Preference will be given to students entering the fields of engineering, architecture, or building technology. Should there not be suitable applications received in these fields, students in other courses of study will be considered, however, all applicants MUST be dependents of school district employees in the school facilities area (i.e. Maintenance or Custodial).


The Alexandra Foundation for Neighbourhood Houses

Award amount: $1500
Approximate Deadline: June 30 at 5:00pm
Criteria: Please submit the following information in the following order via email to as a single PDF file:

  1. A completed Contact Information Form (attached).
  2. A letter from the candidate outlining personal goals, career goals, and an explanation of why the candidate believes he or she should be selected for the award.
  3. Documentation regarding academic standing and other accomplishments, i.e. transcript(s).
  4. Three letters of reference from members of the community or from schools.


Fraser Valley Indo-Canadian Business Association Scholarship


Award: $1000
Deadline: April 30, 2021
Criteria: Grade 12 student with a high academic standing and financial need who has demonstrated community involvement through volunteer work with local organizations.
Applicant must provide:

  1. Completed application form: FVICBA Scholarship Application Form.pdf
  2. Letter of reference from an adult ( non-relative)
  3. A current transcript
  4. Return completed package to your Counsellor


French for the Future National Essay Contest 

Website Link:
Award Amount: $1,000 - $12,000
Approximate Deadline: October -December
 Open to all legal residents of Canada who at the time of entry are enrolled in a Canadian high school in Grade 10, 11 or 12.


Girl Guides of Canada


Awards: 19 different awards

Criteria:   General Requirements for all Applicants:

  1. Applicants must be currently registered GGC members. (For this year only, if members did not register only for the 2020-2021 Guiding year due to the pandemic, they can still apply for a GGC scholarship. Please provide your last iMIS # and let us know about your tenure in the application so this can be considered.)
  2. Scholarships are conditional on acceptance or continuation in a full-time or part-time program at a recognized post-secondary institution. Recognized post-secondary institutions include universities, colleges and vocational schools where high school completion is the normal entrance requirement (unless entering as an adult student).

Scholarship recipients are expected to make reasonable efforts to continue their involvement in Guiding.  Applicants must remain a member of Girl Guides of Canada for the upcoming 2021-22 Guiding year.


Hartvikson Memorial Scholarship in memory of Lourdes Llamzon 

Award: $1000 per year for up to 4 years
Deadline: April 14, 2021

  1. Must be enrolling in a Canadian post-secondary sustainable agriculture and food systems program. Must submit a 500 word essay describing yourself and how you identify with the following personal attributes so important to Lourdes Llamzon:
  2. Dedication to family and community
  3. Athletic commitment and high academic achievement
  4. Evidence of community service and school spirit

Priority will be given to applicants requiring financial assistance.


The Heer Law Entrepreneurship Scholarship

Award: $2000
Approximate Deadline: Late December

  1. Must be attending university or set to attend directly after high school
  2. Must attach a business plan for their current or prospective business including an outline of intellectual property strategy


Horatio Alger - Canadian Scholarships

Website Link:
Award Amount: $5000
Approximate Deadline: Late October
*Applicants for both the Entrepreneurial and Canadian Scholarships are required to fill out only ONE application. The Association will use one application to consider you for all programs for which you are eligible.

  1. Demonstrate financial need
  2. Involved in co-curricular and community service
  3. Display integrity and perseverance in overcoming adversity


Horatio Alger - National Entrepreneurial Scholarships

Website Link:
Award Amount: $10, 000
Approximate Deadline: Late October

  1. Plan to enter university in the fall immediately after graduating
  2. Display integrity and perserverance in overcoming adversity.
  3. Minimum 65% average, prove financial need, be involved in co-curricular and community service activities 
  4. Includes an all expenses paid trip to Washington, DC


House of Commons- PAGE program

Award: Pages are paid $16,587 in 26 equal payments over a 12-month period. In addition, a sum of $1,200 is paid at the end of the employment period.
Application Deadline: Early November

  1. Overall academic average of at least 80% in grade 12,
  2. Fluent in both official languages (evaluated by the House of Commons).
  3. Essay (500 words maximum) Topic: How you can contribute to the Page Program and how you will benefit from participating in the Program  


INDspire Building Brighter Futures: Bursaries, Scholarships, and Awards

Website Link:
Award Amount: $1,000 to $30,000
Approximate Deadline: Early November and early February (multiple awards available through the website)

  1. Canadian Indigenous person 
  2. Enrolled in an accredited institution for a university program, a trade or trade-related training, apprenticeship or a technology program


International British Columbia (BC) High School Entrance Scholarship (UFV)

Amount: $5,000 
Criteria: This scholarship is available to top international high school applicants studying in BC or at a BC off-shore high school who have applied to UFV in their graduating year with a minimum overall GPA of 3.0 on all grade 12 courses (minimum three grade 12 academic courses required).


International Excellence Entrance Scholarship (UFV)

Award:  Up to $20,000
Criteria: This scholarship is available to top international applicants who apply to study at UFV in their graduating year or have recently graduated with a minimum overall GPA (Grade Point Average) of 3.75. Preference will be given to applicants who have applied to a degree program. Eligible recipients will be awarded $5,000 per year over four years.  To maintain receipt of the yearly scholarship, students must have a CGPA of 3.0 for the previous year's studies.

Please note the following:

  • Scholarship selections are made on a first-come, first-serve basis. Applicants are encouraged to apply to their chosen program at UFV as soon as possible and provide a complete application. A complete application includes: application fee paid, proof of English language proficiency, official high school and/or post-secondary transcripts.
  • No separate scholarship application is required. Eligible recipients will be automatically contacted.
  • Scholarships will be issued as a tuition credit in the first semester of studies at UFV.  The scholarship awarded ($5,000) will be posted to the recipients' account upon successful admission to UFV.
  • Short-term visiting and exchange students are not eligible for the entrance scholarships.


International Regional Entrance Scholarship

Website: h
Amount: $5,000
This scholarship is available to top international applicants who have applied to UFV in their graduating year or have recently graduated with a minimum overall GPA (Grade Point Average) of 3.0.

Regions for the academic year 2020:

  • Africa
  • East Asia
  • Latin America
  • South Asia

Open--Scholarhips are available to applicants from countries outside of the regions already identified.


Kin Canada Bursary

Award: $1000
Deadline: February 1

  1. Canadian citizen or permanent resident.
  2. Plan to register as a full-time student in the 2020-2021 school year at a recognized post-secondary institution
  3. Demonstrate high ideals, community involvement and knowledge of kin
  4. Submit this application to one only of a local Kinsmen, Kinette, or Kin Club nearest your permanent residence. (Mailing addresses of Clubs can be found at Demonstrate high ideals, community involvement and knowledge of kin
  5. Not have previously received a bursary from the Hal Rogers Endowment Fund


Kwantlen Polytechnic University Entrance Scholarships


  • The President’s Scholarship - $20,000
  • The Merit Scholarship - $5,000
  • The Indigenous Scholarship - $5,000 

Deadline:  Early April. *Interim transcripts due late February  (for pre-screening purposes)

  1. Enrolling at KPU in a four year program 
  2. 80% average in English 12 and 3 other academic Grade 12 courses, or the equivalent of a 3.67 transfer GPA on a minimum of 24 transferable university credits
  3. Demonstrated leadership, community involvement and volunteerism.


Live Life. Pass It On Scholarship

Award: $1000 (2 Awards) 
Deadline:  Early May

  1. A 500-word essay or short video that showcases your organ donation awareness project, how you planned it, and its impact.
  2. ​A personal connection to an organ donor or transplant recipient if applicable, share that story with us
  3. Get creative – we love to see photos, videos, drawings, recordings, poems and whatever else helps support your submission
  4. A reference letter from a teacher/community leader
  5. No relation to anyone employed at BC Transplant


Looking Glass Scholarship Program

Award Amount: $10,000 split among recipients 
Approximate Deadline: June 15, 2021 

  1. Awards this scholarship in recognition of someone's passion, tenacity, and enthusiasm for their chosen academic path and the career they plan to follow
  2. Recipients must demonstrate a strong need for financial assistance in order to achieve their academic goals


Loran Awards

Website link:
Award Amount: up to $100,000
Approximate Deadline: Early October
Criteria: Minimum 85% average. Character, leadership, and community commitment.

IMPORTANT: Loran Scholar School-Sponsored Applications are due in early October.  To be considered as a school-sponsored applicant, students should contact their counsellor.  Please be aware that you need  your transcript, resume and reference letter in order to complete your application. 


Mensa Canada Scholarship Program  

Award: $2,000 to $3,000. 
Deadline: January 31
Criteria: A 250-word essay describing their career goals and their efforts on the path to achieve those goals. 


MCO Scholarship

Award: $500
Deadline: Mid-May 

  1. Grade 12 BC student entering the first year of full-time studies in a Canadian University or College
  2.  Write an essay of less than 650 words


Morehead-Cain Foundation



National Union of Public and General Employees


Award: eight different scholarships
Deadline: mid August

  1. To apply you must be a  child or grandchild (including foster child or foster grandchild) or a legal ward of a current or retired member of a Component or a Component's affiliate of the National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE). Note that, the Young Worker Scholarship is also open to members of NUPGE's Components and their affiliates.
  2. You must also fill in an online application form and include an original 750-to-1000-word essay. Each scholarship has a unique essay topic that changes every year. Emailed, mailed, or faxed applications will not be accepted.
  3. Each scholarship may also have additional eligibility requirements.


Otter Farm & Home Co-operative Scholarship

Award: eight $1,000.00 scholarships
Deadline: April 30
Criteria: The applicant’s immediate family (parent/grandparent/guardians) must have been active members of Otter Co-op for more than one year and have purchased in excess of $2,000 during the previous year. The successful applicant will receive the scholarship funds on presentation of a letter of acceptance from the admissions office of the institution he or she will be attending. 


Pathway to Teacher Education Scholarship 

Award: $5000 when students are registered and attending an approved K-12 teacher education program in BC. 
Deadline: early February 
Criteria: ​

  1. "B" (73% or above) in your Language Arts 11 final mark 
  2. "B" average in final course marks that fulfill graduation requirements of Science 11 or 12, Math 11 and Social Studies 11 or 12, with no more than one "C+" (67% or above) final course mark, (marks lower than “C+” are not accepted)
  3. Maintain a “B” average or better in Grades 11 and 12 final course marks required for graduation
  4. Write and pass a Language Arts 12 provincial examination
  5. Resume in the mandatory format
  6. Two reference letters, one from your community and one from your school
  7. A written statement, maximum 500 words, which describes why you want to be a teacher

*Note: You cannot win both a Pathway to Teacher Education Scholarship and a BC Excellence Scholarship. 


PEO STAR Scholarship


Award: $2,500
Criteria: Senior highschool women

Prospera Educational Awards Program

Award: 35 awards of $1,000 each
Deadline:  March 31

  1. Entering or returning student to an accredited university or college program in one of the following areas: Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Agassiz, Mission, Langley, Surrey, Vancouver, Kelowna, Penticton or Vernon, BC 
  2. Display a financial need
  3. Maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher (for those currently attending post-secondary)


RBC Royal Bank Scholarships



RE/MAX Quest for Excellence Bursary Program

Award: $1,000
Deadline: March 15

  1. Grade 12 student from British Columbia
  2. Essay conveying the contributions made to enrich the lives of others in your community through leadership, motivation, volunteering and participation in charitable events or fundraising


The Ron Jamieson BMO Financial Group Indigenous Awards



Schulich Leader Scholarships

Award: up to $100,000 
Deadline: Early February
Nomination Deadline: Late January (check with your counsellor)
*To be nominated, students must submit a Letter of Intent, transcript and a copy of their resume.

  1. Be entrepreneurial-minded and plan to enroll in a Science, Technology, Engineering or Math program at 20 partner universities across Canada;
  2. Meet at least two of the following criteria: Academic excellence, leadership , Financial need;
  3. Not planning a career as a medical practitioner


Scotiabank myBlueprint Scholarship



Scouts Canada Foundation



SFU Entrance Scholarships

Award:  $10,000 up to an amount sufficient to cover tuition and mandatory supplementary fees.
Application Deadline: Early December​
Criteria: Grades in the 90% range or a minimum 31 International Baccalaureate points.


Society of Punjabi Engineers and Technologists

Award: $1000
Deadline: January 5
Criteria: Grade 12 student or recent graduate (within 2 years) planning on pursuing post-secondary studies an engineering or technology related field of study at a recognized university, college, or technical school in BC. 


Softball BC



Softball Canada - Ed Bitz Scholarship



STEAM Horizon Award

Award: $25,000 prize towards your post-secondary education
Deadline: Early January
Requirement: Create a short video (max. 2 minutes) highlighting your achievements and demonstrating your oral communication skills. 

  1. Have been recognized for accomplishments in a formal capacity (e.g. selected as a winner or participant of a science fair, patent application, conference presentation) or less formal capacity (e.g. founding a coding club, developing a course for kids, creating an interactive art installation
  2. Have obtained, over the previous year of study, an academic average of 85% or higher
  3. Be preparing to enroll in the fall following graduation or currently enrolled in the first year of post-secondary education (university or college) in the fields of science, technology, engineering, art and design, and mathematics (STEAM)


TCF Refugee Award

Award: up to $3,000
Deadline: January 31

  1. Entered Canada as a refugee
  2. Must be a BC Grade 12 student who wishes to attend a BC post-secondary institution
  3. Documented English language coursework at the secondary level (Grades 9 to 12)
  4. Documented school or community service
  5. A short description of the applicant’s life before coming to Canada (Two pages in length, double-spaced, approximately 500 words)
  6. A personal essay (original copy signed by the applicant):  Two pages in length, double-spaced, approximately 500 words. Topic: How a post-secondary education will enable the applicant to make a positive contribution to Canadian society
  7. Two reference letters           


TD Scholarships for Community Leadership

Website Link:
Award Amount:

  • Up to $70,000
  • Up to $10,000 for tuition per year (for up to a maximum of four years)
  • $7,500 for living expenses per year (for up to a maximum of four years)

Application Deadline: Early November

  1. Demonstrated community leadership,
  2. Grade 12 student,
  3. Minimum overall grade average of 75% in grade 11


Terry Fox Humanitarian Awards

Award: $28,000
Deadline:  February 1 

  1. Grade 12 student in good academic standing
  2. Canadian citizens or landed immigrant
  3. Involved in voluntary humanitarian activities (for which they have not been compensated)
  4. Planning to or already studying towards the first university degree or diploma at a Canadian post-secondary institution
  5. Applicants must provide three (3) referees and upload online an (un)official transcript detailing the applicant’s last two years of schooling

The Trevor Linden Community Spirit Scholarship 

Deadline: March 15

  1. School and community service, leadership
  2. Initiating community development 
  3. Affecting positive change
  4. Mentoring others
  5. Personal development and growth
  6. Good academic performance


TRIUMF High School Fellowship



UBC Bursary Program



UBC Centennial Entrance Scholarships 

Award: up to $80,000 payable over four years. 
Application Deadline: December 1.

  1. A strong academic student who demonstrates a financial need
  2. Applicant must provide an essay describing personal, family and financial situation making it necessary to apply for this award
  3. Application form
  4. A parent/guardian form and a reference form is required


UNBC Entrance Scholarships- Excellence in Leadership 

Award: $6,000, renewable at $5,500 for up to three additional consecutive years.
Application Deadline: October to January (multiple awards)
Criteria: Excellence through leadership in civic, athletic, philanthropic, and environmental fields.


Union Plus Scholarship Program

Award:  From $500 to $4,000
Deadline: Late January

  1. At least one year of continuous union membership by the applicant, applicant's spouse or parent (if applicant is a dependent)
  2. Applicants are evaluated according to academic ability, social awareness, financial need and appreciation of labor
  3. A GPA of 3.0 or higher is recommended
  4. The required essays can account for up to half of the total score


Westminster Savings Youth in Action Award           




Scholarship Databases

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Career/Education Planning

 If this sounds like a conversation you've had with an adult in your life, and you are wanting to figure it out, then here are some links to resources/tools that may be helpful.

Career Cruising - a self-exploration and planning program that helps people of all ages achieve their potential in school, career and life.

Education Planner - a resource that allows you to compare post-secondary programs in BC.

CanLearn - an interactive tool/resource designed to help individuals save, plan and pay for post-secondary education.




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