LET'S EMO:T Education 

One Heart, One Mind Education - Halq'eme'ylem 
LET'S EMO:T was chosen as a step towards representation of Indigenous peoples and students in our building and reconciliation. As a program we believe that learning is collective, holistic, and intertwined, and that everyone is valued and has the ability to be successful. We believe in the importance of the First People Principals of Learning, and base many of our lessons and teachings around these perspectives. We believe in the connection to our local community, as well as the importance of recognizing traditional Indigenous knowledge. 

This program is for students with specific designations and IEP goals who benefit from a hands-on, visual, educational environments. Our focus is on upgrading of academic skills, as well as career development and life management skills, leading to a school completion certificate. In our LET'S EMO:T program, we focus on: 

-Hands-on, interactive instructional model
-Improving literacy and numeracy skills
-Opportunities to develop work and life skills
-Active learning environment inside and outside of the classroom
-Connections to the Indigenous Department