Night School - September 2024

Registration Open: August 12th - September 10th

First Day of Online Registration:  Monday, August 12th, 2024
Registration Ends:                           Tuesday, September 10th, 2024

First Days of Class:                          Monday, September 16th, 2024    (Monday/Wednesday Session)
                                                            Tuesday, September 17th, 2024    (Tuesday/Thursday Session)

Last Days of Class:                           Monday, January 20th, 2025           (Monday/Wednesday Session)
                                                            Thursday, January 9th, 2025        (Tuesday/Thursday Session)          

Location:                                           YALE SECONDARY SCHOOL 34620 Old Yale Rd, Abbotsford, BC V2S 7S6
Class Times:                                      5:00 to 8:00 pm 


YOUR REGISTRATION WILL NOT BE PROCESSED UNTIL YOU UPLOAD THE FOLLOWING DOCUMENTS onto your registration and non-refundable registration fee of $25.00 has been paid.

Valid ID (birth certificate, passport, driver’s license, BCID)   AND   Proof of Residence in BC (Utility Bill, Valid ID w/address, Insurance/Bank/Mortgage or Rental Agreement)


    PERMANENT RESIDENTS – must also upload  front & back of PR Card

    INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS - must also upload their visa documentation

  • All Night School courses will require an electronic device and access to Wi-Fi.

  • Before registering for a Night School course, please verify you have the necessary prerequisites and that you are suited for the faster pace of Night School courses.
  • We recommend and English Level 7 prior to taking English 12 or completion of English 11.
  • Foundations of Math 12, Pre-Calculus 12, Chemistry 12 and Physics 12 require completion of the corresponding grade 11 course. Email a copy of your transcript or report card  to Registration will not be accepted without verification of prerequisite.
  • If you have attended school in BC, your Personal Education Number is required (PEN/9-digit number from the Ministry of Education). If you do not have your Personal Education Number you can call your previous school to request it or visit the BC Government Website - Get your PEN .
  • Adult students will be given priority for Night School class placement.
  • School aged students, please fill out this registration form with your parent/guardian and ensure they fill in the Parent/Guardian Consent sections.
  • Students must be 16 before July 1st, 2024 to qualify for Night School.  Students that have not turned 16 prior to July 1, 2024 - fees are $550.00 per course.
  • Private School, Homeschool or Students not already registered with the Abbotsford School District will be required to pay $550.00 per course.
  • International students will need to upload copy of visa and passport on their registration.  International course fees are $1100.00.
  • You will be contacted by the school if there is a course, textbook and/or workbook fee associated with the course you are registered for. 

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Day of Class Course Teacher Email Room
Mon / Wed Chemistry 11 (Course Description) H. Virk  
Mon / Wed Chemistry 12 (Course Description) S. Shivani  
Mon / Wed English 12 / English First Peoples 12 (Course Description) A. Coombs  
Mon / Wed Math Foundations 11 (Course Description) L. Van Dyk  
Mon / Wed Math Foundations 12 (Course Description) G. Singh  
Mon / Wed Physics 11 (Course Description) S. Hilal  
Mon / Wed Physics 12 (Course Description) S. Hilal  
Tue / Thu Anatomy & Physiology 12 (Course Description) T. Kaur  
Tue / Thu English Foundations (Course Description) To be determined To be determined  
Tue / Thu Math  Pre-Calculus 11 (Course Description) To be determined To be determined  
Tue / Thu Math  Pre-Calculus 12 (Course Description) S. Hilal  


All courses run subject to sufficient enrollment.
Teachers will email students prior to the start of class to provide important details.
Email your teacher regarding attendance and/or course questions.