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Careers at Bakerview

At BCL, we share a collective belief that each student has tremendous potential and the capacity to build success as they prepare for employment and/or post secondary training. Our students have the opportunity to participate in District-wide Career Programs, certifications (First Aid, Serving it Right, Food Safe, Forklift Training etc.), volunteer work experience in our local community and course credit for work experience.

While the nature of the career programs and offerings continues to evolve over time, one thing remains constant: we remain excited to support our students as they explore, expand and exert their personal potential in the world of work and life beyond high school.

For more information on Bakeview Centre for Learning Student Career opportunities, please contact Seet Gill:

For more information on Abbostford School District Career Programs, please click the link below.


Students have the opportunity to participate in various employment preparedness certifications (Food Safe, First Aid, Serving it Right, Super Host, Forklift & Traffic Control Person). All students are encouraged to sign up and priority  is given to graduating students. 
Students have the opportunity to volunteer in our local community. Our school has three consistent options for volunteering, Buddy Reading at a local Elementary school, The Food Bank via Archway Community Services, and at The Fraser Valley Gleaners(Non-Profit organizations that rescues vegetables). 


Students have the opportunity to connect with community employment resources such as Triangle Resources(, Employment Specialists(, Building Better Futures(, and SASET(