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Registration & Enrolment

You belong at Bakerview Centre for Learning.

As your first step to registering…it is recommended that you contact Bakerview Centre for Learning directly for information regarding the registration and enrolment process.
Generally, the registration process includes the following steps:
To apply for the Alternate Program, interested students must:
  • come into the school and fill out a registration form
  • following the intake interview, prospective students will be assigned to and interviewed by his/her teacher, and/or may be required to write our intake assessment and book an appointment with an administrator
    NOTE: Students coming to Bakerview Centre for Learning from other schools in the district must have a referral for Alternate Placement completed by the sending school.
To apply for the Continuing Education Program, interested students must:
  • fill out an application form  
  • if required, undergo an assessment with the school’s Counsellor
  • make an appointment to be interviewed by Bakerview Centre for Learning's Vice-Principal
For all other registration and enrolment questions, please contact the school.