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A part-time academic and life skills program for students who work most effectively in a small-group, supportive, self-paced environment. Located off-campus in the basement of the annex at the school district’s CORE facility.

This program is designed for students unable to participate in an on-campus programs.

Reach One
Reach was established to fill a void in the educational opportunity afforded to highly disengaged students.  Our students come to us with many barriers, current and past.  These barriers may be academic, social, behavioral or personal in nature.  What we seek to provide is an environment where these barriers can be broken down and eventually revisited from a different perspective.  The staff at Reach all bring a diverse set of skills and personality traits aimed at providing the best possible learning experience for our students.  We seek to individualize and personalize every aspect of their time with us.  Curriculum is focused on personal interests as much as possible, strengths and talents are woven into their assignments and time dedicated to self-care and personal growth is deliberate and purposeful.  I believe what makes our program so successful is the relationship we work diligently to build with our students along with the personal investment and commitment we make to them and their futures.  All staff recognize that a caring, nurturing, guiding and flexible environment will ultimately provide an experience for our students that promotes success in every area of their lives.  For many students, our program provides the opportunity to reengage in school.  Along the way we hope to inspire, encourage and challenge our students to have confidence and reach whatever goals they have made for themselves.