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Indigenous Education

Indigenous Education Program - Bakerview

Bakerview Centre for Learning offers support services to enhance self-identified Indigenous students' education.  The Indigenous classroom is open to students to work on assignments.
The cultural enhancement program is offered to allow the students to reflect on their family and its origin and to share the skills the students already possess.  Local presenters are brought in to teach new skills.  Classes are open to students, their guests and elders.  BCL's Indigenous Teacher and Support Worker are available to assist with paperwork and help find services.

To support the success of both our indigenous students and their teachers, Bakerview has an Indigenous Education Support Program. Our Indigenous Education Support Program is staffed by an Indigenous Success Teacher and a Indigenous Support Worker. The Bakerview Indigenous Education Support Program exists to:

  • Encourage the continued evolution of Bakerview’s school culture into one that is built fundamentally around Indigenous ways of knowing and learning
  • Support enrolling teachers to indigenize all aspects of their instruction
  • Support the social, emotional and intellectual development of the school’s Indigenous students
  • Provide opportunities for students of Indigenous descent to explore, practice incorporate into their lives Indigenous culture and language
  • ​Provide opportunities for non-Indigenous students to learn about, interact with and appreciate Indigenous culture and language
  • Invites family participation and feedback
The Bakerview Indigenous Support Program team is supported by the Abbotsford School District Indigenous Education Program team.

 Bakerview Indigenous Education Contact

The classroom can be reached at 604 859-7820, local 5406.