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Learning Support Services (LSS)

Learning Support Services (LSS)

With staff, structures and expertise, Learning Support Services (LSS) supports the success of both students and staff at Bakerview. These supports include:

  • A school counsellor who supports the social and emotional needs of students and their families/caregivers
  • A Learning Support Services (LSS) teacher who supports the intellectual and learning needs of students, students’ families/caregivers, and school staff

The Bakerview Learning Support Services team is supported by the District Learning SupportServices team.

  • A Career Counsellor - All Bakerview students have the opportunity to receive support through the school Careers Program. Through the Careers Program teacher, students can:
    • Determine where their career interests lie
    • Access options for exploring their career interests
    • Pursue course credit through Work Experience
    • Apply for and receive support to attend apprenticeship opportunities in the trades
    • Access expertis e about post-secondary training and education opportunities, including how to apply and ways to find financial support
    • Receive support for finding paid employment.

The Careers Program teacher plays a fundamental role in planning and supporting the implementation of both Career Life Explorations (CLE) and Career Life Connections (CLC)
courses. The Bakerview Careers Program team is supported by the District Career Programs team.

For more Bakerview Centre for Learning Career Program information please see the Careers-Bakerview webpage or email Kristi Goerzen at kristi.goerzen [at] .

For more information on Abbostford School District Career Programs, please click the link below.