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Bakerview Structured Night School

Bakerview Structured Night School Registration

Bakerview Night School Registration starts Monday, January 7th at 8:00 am.

Registration will run at Bakerview Centre for Learning from January 7th to January 25 or until classes fill up.

You can obtain Structured Night School Registration Forms from your high school counsellor or at Bakerview Centre for Learning.

Our Structured Evening classes may provide the perfect solution for your educational requirements. Courses are offered twice annually - Sep-Jan and Feb-Jun and are held at Bakerview Centre for Learning. Each course runs two nights per week from 5-8pm..

Textbook Deposit Fees

There is a $75.00 textbook deposit per course for all students. This deposit is fully refunded if books are returned within 30 days of course completion or withdrawal.  After 30 days, there is a $20.00 hold back.  If workbooks are handed out by the teacher, and the workbook is used or not returned, the cost of the workbook is deducted from the textbook deposit refund.

Course Fees

Course fees apply to International students, Private School students and Non-Residents of BC.  Call the school for details.

Courses offered

Courses offered for Spring 2019 are as follows:

Course Duration Days Time

Foundations of Math 11  ~  Feb 5 - May 30 Tue/Thu 5-8pm
Pre-Calculus 11  ~  Feb 5 - May 30 Tue/Thu 5-8pm
Foundations of Math 12  ~  Feb 4 - Jun 10 Mon/Wed 5-8pm
Pre-Calculus 12  ~  Feb 4 - Jun 10 Mon/Wed 5-8pm
English 12  ~  Feb 4 - Jun 10 Mon/Wed 5-8pm
English 12   ~  Feb 5 - May 30 Tue/Thu 5-8pm
Biology 12  ~  Feb 4 - Jun 10 Mon/Wed 5-8pm
Biology 12  ~  Feb 5 - May 30 Tue/Thu 5-8pm
Chemistry 11  ~  Feb 4 - Jun 10 Mon/Wed 5-8pm
Chemistry 12  ~  Feb 5 - May 30 Tue/Thu 5-8pm
Physics 11  ~  Feb 4 - Jun 10 Mon/Wed 5-8pm
Physics 12  ~  Feb 4 - Jun 10 Mon/Wed 5-8pm

*All courses run subject to sufficient enrolment.

Course Prerequisites

English 12 - must have completed English 11, Communications 11 or Communications 12; FOM12 or PREC12 - must have completed a grade 11 math course; Chemistry 12 - must have completed Chemistry 11; Physics 12 - must have completed Physics 11.  (Bring your transcript with you.)

If a student wants to register for a course, and is registered at another secondary school, they must have their school counsellor sign the registration form indicating that they can take the additional course(s) at Bakerview Centre for Learning.


Registration for the Spring 2019 Session begins Monday, January 7th, 2019. Come into the school to register. Bring payment (we accept cash, Interac, Mastercard, Visa, or American Express) (CHEQUES ARE NOT ACCEPTED) and government issued ID showing your birthdate (birth certificate, driver's license, BCID, Canadian passport or permanent resident card).

**Your registration will not be accepted unless we have received FULL PAYMENT AND PROPER IDENTIFICATION.

What you will need overview:

  • Valid ID
  • $75 per course
  • Counsellor signature (if registered in another secondary school)
  • Parent signatures if under 19
  • PEN number (NEW - you will need this for your registration forms)
  • Proof of Address

For more information please feel free to call us at 604-859-7820.

Location: Bakerview Centre for Learning