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Blog: Monday, December 10th, 2018

A December Tradition at Bakerview Centre for Learning

There are many traditions we return to each December. Some enjoy decorating, tree trimming and baking. Others enjoy entertaining, carolling, and connecting with friends and family. At Bakerview Centre for Learning our most important December tradition is our Holiday Lunch.

Each year, on the penultimate day of school, the entire Bakerview community gathers in our gym to share a holiday meal. And we mean the Ho Ho Whole community - students and staff, parents and guardians, grandparents and siblings, friends and contributors from the community, Board of Education trustees and staff from the District. If you have a connection to Bakerview you’re invited. Well over 200 people gather to toast the season together. It’s a celebration of the positive, respectful and unique community of learners that develops every school year at Bakerview. It’s a celebration of the amazing things our students accomplish and the profound difference our staff members make in their lives. It’s a celebration of the support we receive from our Board of Education and from the plethora of agencies and individuals in the community. It’s a celebration of everyone who believes that every child, no matter what their background, their socioeconomic status or their present ability to contribute to society, deserves love, respect, opportunity and the expectation that they can and will accomplish remarkable things in their lifetime.

Bakerview’s Holiday Lunch is more than a meal - it’s a tradition that creates warmth and hope for everyone, at a time of year when the differences between those who “have” and those who “have not” are most prominently on display.

Phil Cookson, Principal