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Blog: Wednesday, May 15th, 2019

Celebrating Tricia, Jodi, Tracey & Roz

Bakerview Centre for Learning is Abbotsford’s alternate secondary school. It serves adults who are returning to school to complete their graduation requirements, or who need to upgrade their academic requirements for post-secondary education or training. But our primary work lies with secondary-age students in grades 9 through 12, who are struggling to achieve success in their mainstream secondary school.

Why are they struggling to achieve success? There are a host of reasons, but for some of our students their primary barrier to success is feelings of anxiety, that are proving so significant that attending school regularly, or at all, becomes impossible. They are capable students who are finding the social aspects of school overwhelming. Bakerview’s Bridges Program is designed to help students struggling with feelings of anxiety to re-engage in school, and get back on track with their learning.

Bridges might be the name of the program, but the vital work is done by people, four people in fact, who work collaboratively in support of students, and whom individually and together are difference makers. Meet Tricia Hein, Jodi Coleman, Tracey Anderson and Roz Paterson, the brains, heart and soul of Bridges.

Tricia has been a teacher with Bakerview and its previous incarnation as ACE for 24 years. She is passionate about the contribution art, animals, science and beautifully decorated cookies can make in re-connecting students to their achievement at school. Jodi has been a teacher at Bakerview for 9 years. Connections to first nations, food and a clear understanding of what students need to move forward are integral to Jodi’s practice as an educator. Tracey has been the Education Assistant in Bridges and has been with ACE/Bakerview for over 20 years. Tracey is all about unquenchable positivity, relentless but gentle prodding of students (a requirement for anybody working with teenagers), and outright belief that each of the students in Bridges can and will be successful. Roz has been a Youth Care Worker with ACE/Bakerview for 24 years, and part of Bridges since the school moved to Bakerview in 2009. Roz is the glue bringing together all the aspects of students’ lives at school, home and in the community.

Individually, Tricia, Jodi, Tracey and Roz each make a difference in the lives of the Bridges students. But their magic really begins to happen through their work as a team, providing support to students in every aspect of their lives - academic, social, emotional, health and financial/vocational. They provide wrap-around supports that put the pieces in place for their students to move forward in their lives toward graduation, post-secondary education/training, work, and life as a healthy and contributing adult. For the students of Bridges and their families, Tricia, Jodi, Tracey and Roz are a team of difference makers.

Submitted by Phil Cookson, Principal, Bakerview Centre for Learning