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Blog: Thursday, February 6th, 2020

Celebrating our Youth Care Workers

Bakerview Centre for Learning (BCL), Abbotsford’s alternate secondary school, prides itself on the quality of the relationships it builds with its students and their families/caregivers. These relationships form the foundation of the success of our students and of our school. But quality partnerships don’t just happen – they are created. And at Bakerview, our Youth Care Workers are a vital part of creating these respectful, supportive relationships; they are Bakerview difference makers!

So, what do the six Youth Care Workers at Bakerview (Chris Vaughn, Darlene Rayburn, Heather Hausch, Laurie Mossey, Palwinder Kelay and Roz Paterson) do that makes them so vital to the success of Bakerview? Well, pretty much everything that our students and their families need to get barriers to student success out of the way. They create wrap-around supports that address:

  • Student & family needs to connect with the school system;
  • Student & family needs to connect with services for physical and mental health;
  • Student & family needs to connect with economic supports; and,
  • Student & family needs to connect with family supports.

More than anything they understand the importance of students feeling cared for and listened to, and to provide students with guidance without pressure. It is a challenging job, working with students and families who are facing significant barriers to success. The work takes skill, resourcefulness, teamwork and above all a belief that the key to their success is unlocking the success in the students they support.

Thank you Chris, Darlene, Heather, Laurie, Palwinder and Roz for making a difference in the lives of our Bakerview students and their families. Our students and our school couldn’t thrive without you.

Principal, Bakerview Center for Learning