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School Staff

Meet the Staff


Name Position Email
Kristi Goerzen Scholarships and Career Education Counsellor
Aleece Bartlett Counsellor
Melissa Wood Learning Support Services (Tuesday/Thursday/Alt Friday)
Kim Wolff Mental Health Clinician (Tuesday/Thursday)

Support Staff:

Name Position Email
Sylvia Silver EA - Aboriginal Program (Monday-Thursday)
Karen Zuniga EA - Boys' Pre-Vocational Program
Tracey Anderson EA - Bridges Program
Liz Hamil EA - Grade 10 Pod
Mae Michielsen EA - Grade 10 Pod
Some Mosogau EA - Grade 10 Pod
Belva Pankratz EA - Grade 11/12 Pod
Lori Rice EA - Grade 11/12 Pod (Monday, Thursday & Friday)
Alana Laybourn EA - Grade 9 - EN, SS
Clara Lillbeck EA - Learning Commons
Ashley Maddalozzo EA - Live & Learn One Program
Amanda Enterkin EA - Live & Learn Two Program
Karen Doucette EA - LSS & Careers
April Braich EA - New Beginnings Program
Lori Rice EA Reach Two Program (Tuesday & Wednesday)
Karo Parkes Intermediate Administrative Clerk
Susan Mathews Senior Administrative Clerk
Belinda Brown SIS Clerk - Student Records
Roz Paterson Youth Care Worker - Gr. 10 Pod & Bridges Program
Chris Vaughn Youth Care Worker - Grade 11/12 Pod & Live & Learn Program
Darlene Rayburn Youth Care Worker - Grade 9/10 Pod & Live & Learn Program
Palwinder Kelay Youth Care Worker - MAP
Laurie Mossey Youth Care Worker - Reach One Program
Heather Hausch Youth Care Worker - Reach Two Program